All Skills Winter Camp, 2019/2020 - Baseball - Tacoma

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Status: OPEN - 38 Spots Remaining
  • Price: One payment of $199.00
  • Additional Info:
    Ages: 10-14

    Come and join our professional instructors for a fast-paced camp full of learning and competition! E|L1 is offering a 4-day camp that's focused on helping young players gain the skills necessary to maximize their potential. Whether you're new to the game or looking to play at the next level, we'll make sure that your athlete leaves with the tools and techniques needed to keep getting better!

    We will focus on each of the 5 baseball tools: Hit, Hit for power, Run, Throw (Pitch), and Field. This is your opportunity to come and learn from those who have played at the highest levels and are committed to helping improve the game! We invite all athletes to have fun, learn, and grow in our unique training environment!

    You'll learn the following skills:
    o How to develop your pitching mechanics for both power and command
    o Proper infield technique and footwork
    o Swing mechanics and drills to fine tune your overall approach and increase power.
    o Running technique and drills to increase speed and agility
    o Test yourself with a competition for each skill at the end of the day.

    What to bring:
    o All of your baseball gear
    o Turf shoes or regular athletic shoes should be worn. NO CLEATS are allowed in the facility at any time.
    o Athletic clothing, you can wear baseball pants but it's not necessary.

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